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This unusual ‘stone’ was found in the River Ure near to
Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales by my son who loves to fossil hunt.

Whilst solid and rock hard, it feels light for a stone of its size.  It is 6cm by 3cm

Any help gratefully received 79534D2B-F39D-4CFE-B81B-C558872421AA.jpeg  2B014300-88AD-45C2-AE72-735EC743047C.jpeg  0A2550C6-A1D1-4980-B8FA-BAA688EC6D60.jpeg  A201BB59-BC17-4AF4-B142-1FFC7F8B5439.jpeg 
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Dirty Pete
Looks like a well worn solitary coral.

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Yup, Horn (solitary ) coral from the Carboniferous.
Colin Huller
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Many thanks for the info. My son is happy as he has never found any coral before.
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