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Found this at Port Mulgrave, its our first from Yorkshire and we were wondering if its any good. Looks a bit rough obviously but thinking of getting it polished.What do you think?

DSCN7375.jpg  DSCN7376.jpg 

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Been going down there for 10 years and only found one in a lot worse condition. Very rare on the Yorkshire coast. I personally think it’s a beauty and a big one at that. Will look great polished. 👍
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Hello, Scrumpy has hit the nail precisely on the head; in 30+ years I have never been lucky enough to find a stonker like this...
If it has a good side, is it an idea to polish one side and keep the best side as natural as possible?
Please show us the end-result.

greetings, Bert
the search is as valuable as the finds...
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Good to know, thank you. We had quite a successful trip all in all, we had a nice Eleganti plate from Sandsend, this big lump from Mulgrave and more Belamite phragmocones from Kettleness than I know what to do with! (one fully articulated with its guard).

Thought we had something good on our hands but didn't like to get to exited before someone who knew better than me looked at it.

Was going to get Stone Treasures to take a look at it.
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